Offer you can't refuse

Improv(e) with Anki

- Workshops for beginners and those who don't mind playing with beginners.
- Monthly jams: 90 minutes of pure fun and laughter, Zoom at its best!


Video and audio podcast with amazing and inspiring improvisers from all around the world. Search imPROvshine on your favorite listening platform (maybe Spotify or Apple Podcasts). In case you cannot find it, add RSS directly:


Like/Follow the page, find my events, contact me or just watch my short silly live videos.


Follow me, my life and my hobbies.

Jam Guest Moderator/Host

Need someone cool (that would be me, if you haven't noticed) to run one of your jam sessions? Just contact me. Some already did and I am so grateful.

10 minutes with me

Are you hosting that 10 minutes improv thingy? Great. I am in. Thanks for asking. Here you can find some scenes that I have already done with various improvisers.


I received so much love and support. Here you can read all about it and if you want to write something - just do it. :) That is my fuel to continue spreading the joy of improvising and connecting.

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