Anki is a warm and approachable teacher. When she holds space, the focus is on having fun and being nice to each other. You and Anki will be laughing all the time!
- Aree Witoelar, Norway

Anki is one of the best improv teacher I have ever met! Be prepared for a major improv AND personal growth with her on board. And make sure to train your belly muscles – you would need them for hours of not interrupted laughter!
- Edyta Werpachowska, Poland

I have been improvising with Anki for the last 3 years and I have seen her game evolve day after day, workshop after workshop. Anki is compassionate, devoted, visionary, generous, open-minded, decisive, flexible, resourceful, and empowering. She takes genuine pleasure in seeing other people do well and succeed. And she surrounds all of these with her constant laughter. In addition, she is really masterclass into listening, I haven't yet seen anybody being able to listen so much and discover at the same time.
- Max Grillo, Italy

I have done tens of improv workshops with Anki. About a third of them in which Anki was moderating. She brings a warmth with her presence which is very comforting if you are a beginner or simply if you just like comfort. In the workshops Anki was moderating, she had personal feedback for each of us which was insightful, helpful and something that pushed us getting better. She would follow up on her advices week after week until you get it and absorb it. She believes that anyone can be as good at improv as they want themselves to be. She is constantly sharing knowledge she learns from reading books which she is always doing. So, if you do get a chance to do improv with her, Carpe diem.
- Nitish, Moosach, Germany

I would highly recommend to learn Improv from Anki , she has a great way of teaching which inspires you to grow in new ways, I love doing improv with Anki. By doing improv with her you will have fun and discover the joy of doing improv theatre. Do not miss out on the opportunity to discover more. You'll be glad you did!!!
- Blair Joseph, Canada/Germany

Anki. What is there to say about this wonderful Improv player and amazing human being. Very creative, thoughtful and most of all she will make you smile! She is very active in the Improv community and in a short amount of time made a name with her newly formed “Improvshine”. Working with her is a real joy as we come up with the most creative ideas and implementing them is a blast. We co-teach workshops which always bring out the best in people, make them smile and inspire them. I would totally recommend Anki!
- Laurens van der Linden, Improv Trainer, Personal Trainer & Coach, The Netherlands

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