Anki is a warm and approachable teacher. When she holds space, the focus is on having fun and being nice to each other. You and Anki will be laughing all the time!
- Aree, Norway

Anki is one of the best improv teacher I have ever met! Be prepared for a major improv AND personal growth with her on board. And make sure to train your belly muscles – you would need them for hours of not interrupted laughter!
- Edyta, Poland

I have been improvising with Anki for the last 3 years and I have seen her game evolve day after day, workshop after workshop. Anki is compassionate, devoted, visionary, generous, open-minded, decisive, flexible, resourceful, and empowering. She takes genuine pleasure in seeing other people do well and succeed. And she surrounds all of these with her constant laughter. In addition, she is really masterclass into listening, I haven't yet seen anybody being able to listen so much and discover at the same time.
- Max, Italy

I have done tens of improv workshops with Anki. About a third of them in which Anki was moderating. She brings a warmth with her presence which is very comforting if you are a beginner or simply if you just like comfort. In the workshops Anki was moderating, she had personal feedback for each of us which was insightful, helpful and something that pushed us getting better. She would follow up on her advices week after week until you get it and absorb it. She believes that anyone can be as good at improv as they want themselves to be. She is constantly sharing knowledge she learns from reading books which she is always doing. So, if you do get a chance to do improv with her, Carpe diem.
- Nitish, Germany

I would highly recommend to learn Improv from Anki , she has a great way of teaching which inspires you to grow in new ways, I love doing improv with Anki. By doing improv with her you will have fun and discover the joy of doing improv theater. Do not miss out on the opportunity to discover more. You'll be glad you did!!!
- Blair, Canada/Germany

Anki. What is there to say about this wonderful Improv player and amazing human being. Very creative, thoughtful and most of all she will make you smile! She is very active in the Improv community and in a short amount of time made a name with her newly formed “Improvshine”. Working with her is a real joy as we come up with the most creative ideas and implementing them is a blast. We co-teach workshops which always bring out the best in people, make them smile and inspire them. I would totally recommend Anki!
- Laurens, The Netherlands

I think I was lucky to have had my first ever improv contact with Anki. She simply has this contagious enthusiasm for the art. Now 10 months after discovering improv, I can definitely see how I developed thanks in large part to her workshops. I am thinking in particular with regards to overcoming my own inhibitions and fear, taking risks and just 'jumping in'. Also in terms of improv tools I and others usI can better reflect on my choices. Most of all though, Anki's workshops are always fun and she encourages others to embrace the silliness, which is something we all need more of in life!
- Danniella, Israel

I have been in lots of workshops moderated by Anki and I can say it's a lot of fun within a well structured and thoughtful plan, which she is not scared to adapt on the fly to better show some concept or fit the participants. As a beginner I always felt at ease enough to enjoy releasing my creativity and accept challenges to improve. You can feel her explosive mix of passion for improv and empathy makes the workshop an unforgettable experience.
- Alba, Italy

Ankis Improv session turned me from an overthinking anxious introvert into a spontaneous extrovert who finally enjoys his life. She’s a warmhearted very smart improv coach who offers every beginner a easy entry and every advanced participant a perspective for growth no matter how much he or she already learned. Her improv classes is what I miss most after moving away from Munich.
- Christian, Germany

Anki is one of few people who makes me love improv. Not only she is lovely and amazing, she is also one of the best teacher that I have ever seen. Everytime, she manages to amaze me with incredible ideas she comes up with as a teacher and also as an improviser. Apart from being so bubbly and funny, she is such a selfless person, she loves genuinely doing anything for other people and seeing them shine. Last but not least, if you ever met Anki, you know that she must be protected at all costs.
- Berk, Turkey

Anki is a warm and welcoming teacher who creates an inclusive and encouraging environment, allowing every participant to express themselves freely and creatively. From the moment you step into Anki's workshops, you feel a sense of assurance that you'll not only learn valuable skills but also be accepted just as you are. Anki's compassionate and dedicated approach to teaching is inspiring, taking you on a joint journey through diverse aspects of improv. Beeing part of an improv workshop from Anki is like a joint journey, where you not only grow as an improviser but also make different kind of magic experiences along the way. After each workshop, you leave with mental notes on how to further develop as an improviser, and indeed you do grow with Anki's workshops.
- Tiffany, Germany

I have only started doing improv a few months ago, and having the first improv session moderated by Anki was like an eye opener for me. With her energetic, humurous and warm personality, she makes people feel comfortable and creates a space in which you want to push yourself and grow. She’s there for you when you fall - but also when you rise, cheering you on from the sidelines! I’m looking forward to being part of many more sessions with Anki ♥️
- Lili, Haidhausen

Anki's got this knack for making you have fun while dropping some wisdom bombs. It's like improv mixed with a dose of life motivation, and I'm all here for it. Her energy is infectious, and I can't help but to get pumped up in her class. Five stars, no doubt! 🌟
- Pedro, Portugal

Anki is not just one of the funniest and good teachers, but also an incredible person! I find her personality very inspiring and absolutely loved her improv show and workshops. She explains a lot of the little details during workshops which not only help with improv but are also good takeaways for self-reflection and personal improvement. I'm glad to have been part of sessions moderated by Anki and would recommend her workshops for anyone who wants to laugh a lot and learn a lot too.
- Dreena, India/Germany

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