Who is Anki?

Hi! I am Anki! :)

I come from Croatia, from one of the thousand Croatian islands. I moved to Munich, Germany in 2014 and this is where I am now. I am a kindergarten teacher by day and improviser in my free time.

My improv journey started in 2018 with a Munich-based improv community called Rice Cookie. It didn't take too long for this multiculti group to become my improv family. Since 2019 I am their regular moderator, and since 2023 one of the admins.

For several years I was a permanent member of The Blue Couch troupe which turned out to be a perfect combination of improv and friendship. Although I am no longer a part of the group, they still exist and going strong.

I am also better half of the duo called No Scripts Attached. No, just kidding, Matthieu is the real better half.

Not only that I love improvising, I loooove teaching improv. Especially newbies where I focus my teaching on "attitude before skills".

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While being regular Rice Cookie teacher, for a year, I was a teacher at improvSTAR from Munich. During pandemic I was a guest host for various improv online communities from all over the world.

From 2021 I am running Improvshine, an online place to meet, jam, connect, learn and have fun. After 2 years of exclusive work online, Improvshine shines in person by hosting improv workshops for various Munich based groups.

From 2023 I established a women only improv community called Women of (improv) World (WOW) with the goal of empowering women to lead the life without hesitation and self doubt. Last, but not the least, I help women refugees to learn German by using improv methods.

People usually use these adjectives when they refer to me and my work: supportive, encouraging, bubbly, nice, kind, funny, joyful, attentive, but also provocative, edgy, witty.. Here are some kind words colleagues and participants said about my work.

In those rare moments when I am not working or improvising or trying to survive my 9 year-old, I practice stand up comedy, hand-lettering while listening to indie folk music.

Wanna cooperate? Get in touch via Facebook page or e-mail: improvshine@gmail.com

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